What Happens When You Stop Doping

We know what happens to some athletes who dope. But what happens when they stop? According to one expert, it's impossible to know.

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Dan Hughes, 44, four-time winner of Kansas’s Dirty Kanza 200, on cycling in the rough.

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Since it first ran in March 2010, Los Angeles’ Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race has grown into one of the most popular unsanctioned, unpermitted, and uninsured cycling events in the country.

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Plenty of races forgo the clock, but few are more fun than a gran fondo—a European cycling tradition that’s blowing up ­stateside

Chris Horner's Bio Passport Problem

The American's Vuelta victory might be one of the greatest performances in the history of the sport—if only it hadn't taken place under a cloud of doping suspicion. Horner maintains he's clean, and...

What the Heck is the Biological Passport, Anyway?

To anti-doping authorities, it's the best way to ferret out cheaters in a wide range of sports. To cyclists and other athletes, it's a way to prove you're clean when critics claim you aren't.