Bike Commuting 101: Cleaning Up

Excuse #4: I need to look nice at the office, not be Sweaty Commuter Guy
The Truth: You can keep your riding to the cooler months—or use a little strategy to roll all year long. No shower at the office? Keep washcloths, deodorant, etc.—some even use baby wipes—in your desk and freshen up at a bathroom sink after a five-to-ten-minute cooldown. Cold water on your hands helps lower your core temperature, and a glass of ice water and a fan at your desk do wonders. You don't have to change clothes, either. Moisture-wicking and waterproof-breathable performance fabrics have made their way into stylish designs, so not only can you avoid the wardrobe shuffle; you might just improve your look, too. Nau's waterproof, four-button Riding Jacket ($200; looks like a slim-cut blazer from Savile Row. Dunning's button-down Performance Shirt ($125; repels moisture brilliantly. Outlier's very light and urban 4Season OG Pants ($180; shed all things wet and greasy but breathe freely. And if you can do jeans, don't ruin your Levi's. Swrve makes très cool cycling denim: seamless crotch, articulated knees, and a little bit of stretch ($100; For shoes, you want waterproofed leather, like Blundstone's Rugged Lux 550 ($160;

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