Eating Out

Farm Spin, Sonoma, California

Two-Wheeled Act

Bike-friendly Congressman Earl Blumenauer talks to Outside’s Matthew Fishbane.

Positive Spin

Almost fifteen years after the genocide, tiny Rwanda is suddenly a hot adventure destination, the new darling of multinational investors, and, says mountain-bike legend Tom Ritchey, one extra-long...

Rwanda: Wooden Bike Classic

An annual bike festival designed to increase awareness of Rwanda as a tourism and cycling destination, as well as promote the development of an eco-tourism industry. Cyclists from all over...

The World's Toughest Bike Race Is Not in France

The rules are simple: Start pedaling at the Canadian border, and the first fat tire to hit Mexico wins. JON BILLMAN saddles up for the Great Divide Race, 2,500 miles of blowouts, goatheads, UFOs, and...