Marla Streb's Mind-Body Problem

What's a brilliant woman like this doing in a rough-and-tumble sport like downhill mountain-bike racing? Trying to think her way to the top of the winner's podium, that's what.

Expedition Biking

Washouts, typhoon-style headwinds, breathless altitudes, yak to take a spin?

Slog Heaven

Swamp thing: sea of mud at the North Sea-Tac Course

Get a Grip

Tread design demystified (it's not you, it's the tires)

Ramp It Up

BMX: Lake Ferris, California

In Tobago, It's All Good

Exploring the oldest protected rainforest, the soft coral reefs, and the all-night fêtes of the Caribbean's farthest reaches

The Un-American Activity

What gets the equivalent of 1,000 miles per gallon, doesn't pollute, will save the world, and transports you in breezy style? Your bike.