6 Outdoor Dynasties that Dominate Their Sports

Can you say “good genetics”? These six clans own their fields generation after generation.

Eric Jackson     Photo: Vince Clements/Shutterstock

It seems like some people are just born to be athletes. Science agrees: Last year, the British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that “although deliberate training and other environmental factors are critical for elite performance, they cannot by themselves produce an elite athlete. Rather, individual performance thresholds are determined by our genetic make-up, and training can be defined as the process by which genetic potential is realised.” In other words, the “special sauce” that distinguishes top pros from hard-working amateurs comes is written into their DNA.

For kids of elite athletes, this is great news: Parents who are preternaturally good at a sport are likely to pass that ability on to their children. That’s the case for these six tribes, for whom winning is practically a family tradition.

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