Climbing & Trekking

Land of Water and Gravity

Long after a band of winter-hardened badasses foiled Nazi plans to build a bomb there, climbers from all over the world have changed a rural Norwegian village into one of the world’s premier...

Is Khal Drogo Opening a Climbing Gym?

It’s rumored that Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa is planning a brewery and rock climbing facility in Pontiac, Michigan. It’s either the best idea or the worst idea. (And it may not even be a real...

How K2 Had One of Its Luckiest Seasons Ever

With 45 successful summits and only one fatality on one of the world's deadliest mountains, this season on K2 seems too serendipitous to be true. But safely conquering the mountain took grueling...

"I'm Not a Summit-or-Death Guy"

For many alpine climbers, expeditions are synonymous with suffering. But for climber Mike Libecki, 41, who's put up first ascents from Greenland to Afghanistan, the harder the slog, the more joy it...

Coming of Age on Mount Rainier

One summer day, Amy Ragsdale's husband, Peter, gazed across the water at the white hulk of a mountain. "What about that?" he said. "Let's climb Mount Rainier."

Everest’s Darkest Year

The true story of Everest's deadliest day, the Sherpas who paid the price, and the aftershocks that will change the mountain forever

Cloudy Days on Everest

Norbu Tenzing Norgay is deeply familiar with Everest—his father famously made the first summit with Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953. But alongside the beauty and adventure, there's real danger, especially...

Everest Is Melting

The poles are melting, but so are high mountain ranges in and near the tropics.

Will Everest Climbing Move North?

The 2014 season has ended in Nepal, and some mountaineers are turning toward Tibet, where ascents continue. Can they overcome Chinese complexities and turn the north side into the new Everest norm?

The Storm on Everest

Everest Base Camp looked cinematic and miniature racing by beneath the helicopter. Yesterday, I flew into the tent city at 17,600 feet as Nepal’s minister of tourism, Bhim Acharya—draped with a nasal...

Do the Right Thing on Everest

May 25, 2003—A man named Karma Sherpa, who for three days had been serving clients at Everest Camp 4, at 26,000 feet, staggered into Camp 2 suffering from a severe internal organ failure, in dire...

The Value of a Sherpa Life

The deadliest single day in the history of Everest claimed 16 Sherpas lives in an instant. And, yes, there is something that needs to be done about it.