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  • Photo: Grayson Schaffer

    1. The Monastery at Swayambhunath

    On the way up to Everest and the Khumbu, everybody has at least a day to kill in Kathmandu. There are three popular religious sites to visit in the city. My advice: Embrace your inner tourist, brave the traffic, and tick off the following three places in a morning.

    At the hilltop Buddhist monastery, you'll most likely be shaken down by a macaque for snack food.

  • Photo: Grayson Schaffer

    2. Hindu Sadhus at Pashupatinath

    At the ancient Hindu temple and cremation site (where you can watch bodies being cremated in the open most days), you'll most likely pay one of the Hindu Sadhus a dollar to take his picture.

  • Photo: Grayson Schaffer

    3. The Boudha Stupa Thanka Centre

    Boudhanath is the giant stupa on the east side of town. You'll most likely feed the pigeons and spin the giant prayer wheel.

  • Photo: Grayson Schaffer

    Kathmandu's North Side

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