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  • Underwater Dogs

    Photo: Seth Casteel

    Underwater Dogs

    "In more than 80 portraits, award-winning pet photographer and animal rights activist Seth Casteel captures new sides of our old friends with vibrant underwater photography that makes it impossible to look away. Each image in Underwater Dogs bubbles with exuberance and life, a striking reminder that even in the most loveable and domesticated dog, there are more primal forces at work." —Little, Brown and Company

  • Alex

    Photo: Seth Casteel


    Labrador Retriever, 7 years.

  • Buster

    Photo: Seth Casteel


    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 6 years.

  • Coraline

    Photo: Seth Casteel


    Olde English Bulldogge, 2 years.

  • Dagmar

    Photo: Set Casteel


    Chesapeake Bay Retriever, 10 years.

  • Foster

    Photo: Seth Casteel


    Dachshund, 6 years.

  • Herbie

    Photo: Seth Casteel


    English Bulldog, 2 years.

  • Remi

    Photo: Seth Casteel


    Labrador Retriever, 5 years.

  • Seth Casteel

    Photo: Seth Casteel

    Seth Casteel

    The photographer, shot here with one of his own dogs.

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