The Best Carriers For Kids: Beco Gemini

We compare the latest and greatest carriers for bringing your kids into the outdoors

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    Photo: Imagine Our Life

Best For: 7–35 pounds

The Beco Gemini is another soft-structured carrier that is ideal for the baby-wearing crowd. It is very versatile—one of the few carriers that allows a baby to face out while being carried on the front (a baby can also be carried on the back or hip, in addition to facing inward on the front.) The short, narrow body of this carrier makes it the best fit for newborns, and the foldable headrest provides plenty of support when your little one needs to get in their 40 winks. 

PROS: Versatile carrying positions, lots of print and styling options, made in the U.S., ideal for newborns to 12-months.  Lightweight and easy to travel with, great for everyday babywearing and short hikes. As with the Boba, it provides great bonding opportunities between carrier and baby.

CONS: With a 35 pound weight limit and short, narrow body, this carrier is not ideal for toddlers or babies that are taller or heavier. There is ZERO storage—so using a front carry and an additional backpack, or an additional partner for gear hauling. 

Price: $130

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