The Best Carriers For Kids: Boba G3 Carrier

We compare the latest and greatest carriers for bringing your kids into the outdoors

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    Photo: Courtesy of Boba

Best For: 7-45 pounds

The Boba G3 Carrier is one of the few carriers that works equally well for newborns as well as toddlers, without any extra accessories to purchase separately. This soft-structured carrier consists of a single piece of rectangular fabric, with added foam in the shoulder straps and waistbelt. 

The Boba allows your child to relax into a comfortable and fully-supported position on either your chest or your back. The back of the carrier comes up higher than many other similar carriers, but the extra fabric will keep your toddler from leaning too far back, as well as provide extra discretion for a nursing infant. 

Despite the simplicity in design, this carrier offers plenty of bells and whistles for added comfort—for baby and mom or dad.  Removable foot straps ensure that even growing toddlers have optimal leg support, while a fully adjustable sleeping hood keeps an infant’s head secure during naptime hikes.

Storage in the carrier itself is minimal (2 pockets on the waist belt that will hold little more than your cell phone and keys), although carrying your baby on the front allows you to bring essential gear in a small backpack.

PROS: Brilliant design that fits the widest range of ages, lightweight, perfect for everyday baby-wearing, traveling, and day hikes. The close contact of a soft carrier provides great bonding opportunities between carrier andbaby.

CONS: Minimal storage makes longer hikes near impossible without relying on a hiking partner to carry some of your gear.  All that great bonding means little to no ventilation. Be ready to sweat in hot weather!

Price: $120

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