The Best Carriers For Kids: Kokopax Classic Carrier

Carry your offspring into the great outdoors

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    Photo: Courtesy of Kokopax

Best For: 6 months—35 pounds

This carrier is somewhat of a hybrid between soft-structured carriers and traditional frame backpacks. Though it is held together by an anodized aluminum frame, it weighs in at only 3 pounds, and can even fit in an airline overhead compartment. Your curious little observer will love the 360 degree vantage point he has from being perched up high on your back, and your shoulders and back will love the ergonomically padded shoulder and waist straps. 

PROS: It's one of the most lightweight and compact frame carriers, without being bulky. The kickstand makes it very easy to get baby in and out. The pack has good ventilation and offers great views for baby.

CONS: Compared to other frame packs, the storage on the Kokopax is minimal, so it’s up to you whether the lack of bulk or extra weight is worth it. For folks that have lots of gear, keep looking, you’ll need something far beefier. Compared to soft carriers, the Kokopax is not very versatile at all—offering only one carrying position, and unusable for nursing children as well as babies under 6 months.

Price: $149.99

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