The 10 Best Books on Bicycles

There is something about a bicycle that stirs the soul. In some souls, the act of riding also inspires the act of writing and, naturally, as one wheel follows another, there are books about bicycles. These are our favorites.

Thomas McCall on his rear-driven velocipede in 1869.

Thomas McCall on his rear-driven velocipede in 1869.     Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There are histories written. There are races recounted. And there are tales of distant trails. While no single book can appeal to every reader, each of the following 10 books captures some unique aspect of the bicycle and the rider.

In addition to the obvious connection to bicycles, each book on this list presents its subject matter with passion and detail. These are books to be savored at the end of a long day’s tour or as fuel for the next coffee shop conversation involving bicycles. They are books that matter to people who love to ride.


Kent Peterson is an accomplished long-distance cyclist who gave up a career in technology to pursue shop work and bike advocacy. He writes regularly at Kent's Bike Blog.

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