The Dust Bowl Is Today

Ken Burns talks about his latest documentary and why a 1930s disaster is so relevant right now.

'Outside' at the Toronto Film Festival

The most promising films screened at this year's Toronto Film Festival featured adventure seekers and adventure survivors. We reviewed six of them.

Green Days

The most ambitious environmental documentary since An Inconvenient Truth tries to make the case that we just might win.

Spin Flick

Bike Snob NYC deconstructs messenger-exploitation flick Premium Rush.

The Ever-Turning Wheel of Life

Filmmakers Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson discuss Samsara, their world tour of mesmerizing images that force us to think about humanity and our relationship to the eternal.

'Line of Sight' Screening

Watch Lucas Brunelle's controversial documentary about the world of alley cat racing

Why 'Deliverance' Still Matters

For the 40 years since the adaptation of the James Dickey novel of the same name hit theaters, Deliverance has endured because it gets at a fundamental truth about our relationship with the...