The Top 4 Films of Summer 2012

A review of four new films, including a new documentary about Tony Hawk and the skateboarders of the Bones Brigade.

Outside at Tribeca: Life at Chernobyl, Animated

A new documentary short playing at the Tribeca Film Festival tells the story of Leonid and his pregnant wife, Lyudmila, a couple that lived just miles from the nuclear power plant

Create and Share Videos

For the last few years, climber and skier RENAN OZTURK has been creating some of the best movies in the adventure game after teaching himself the art of film

Rare Heir

Shaun MacGillivray shares his experience with IMAX movies, filmmaking, and how documentaries have the power to change lives.

Hot Ticket

A Q&A with former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed on his incredibly shrinking country

Voices of God

Celebrity nature-doc narrators get graded

Bear 71

Sundance, 2012: Bear 71: A new interactive movie documents the journey of a grizzly bear in Banff National Park.