A Fierce Green Fire

Pick an environmental documentary at random and chances are it tackles some hot-button issue. A Fierce...

Bear 71

Bear 71, an interactive online documentary that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival

The House I Live In

In the past decade, Eugene Jarecki has directed documentaries on Henry Kissinger (

The Ambassador

In The Ambassador, a documentary which premiered at the

Detropia By the Numbers

The media fetishizes the Motor City’s decline with pictures of abandoned factories, dilapidated storefronts, and homes ablaze. It’s a creation that has led international tourists to...

Chasing Ice


Lost On Vacation

In Wish You Were Here, the new psychological thriller from director

Body Shots

Surfer Keith Malloy’s new bodysurfing film Come Hell or High Water

Lone Shooter

OUTSIDE: Throughout your films, you don’t use mechanized support, instead trekking and riding horses into the mountains. It looks exciting—and treacherous.

To Live and Die in AK

FIRST OFF—YEAH, it’s weird that Liam Neeson, who lost his wife, Natasha Richardson, to a ski accident in 2009, would elect to star in a movie as a man devastated by the loss of the...

Obe & Ashima

It’s rare to find a climbing film that is at once moving and not at all tragic. But Sender Films pulls it off in this...

The Man and the Mammoth

We had to recognize the wizards at Public Ritual, who must really like to shred. There’s no other explanation for the late-night,...