The Best Adventure Films of 2013

The holidays are here, and that means one thing—lying around on the couch in a food coma, watching movies. Can't quite handle Miracle on 34th Street for the umpteenth time? Add a...

Lights, Camera, Adventure!

You may not recognize his name, but you've almost certainly been sucked into one of his massively popular online videos—"

Lucy Walker Will Change Winter Sports

The list of recent documentaries that have fundamentally altered public attitudes about an important issue is short: The Cove,

The Shane McConkey Story

This month, Red Bull Media House and Matchstick Productions release "McConkey," a documentary on action-sports star

'The Summit' Falls Flat

This month, IFC Films releases The Summit, a documentary about the 2008 K2 disaster that killed 11 mountaineers....

First Look: 'The Armstrong Lie'

“I DIDN'T LIVE a lot of lies,” Lance Armstrong says at the beginning of Alex Gibney’s new documentary, “but I lived one big one.”...

Behind the Lens: Nick Waggoner

I'M DOZING IN a hammock slung between two snow-ghost spruces overlooking a gypsy-camp movie set put together by

The Gas Man Cometh: 'Gasland' Director Josh Fox

Monday night, HBO will premiere Josh Fox’s new documentary, Gasland II, (9 p.m. EST) about the controversial practice of drilling into bedrock in order to tap natural gas deposits...

Nuclear Exchange

Is nuclear power the answer to the wicked problem of climate change? Many people believe we can’t hope to have a viable future for human civilization without it. Nuclear technology, they...