Incredible Wildlife Encounters: Brown Bear

Kodiak Island, Alaska

Kodiak Brown Bear

Kodiak Brown Bear     Photo: Kodiak Brown Bear Center

Some people might not consider depositing themselves in the epicenter of 1.9 million-acre Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge—home to one of the highest-density brown bear populations in Alaska—a vacation. But brand-new Kodiak Island Bear Center, which opens July 30 on 50-acre Camp Island in Karluk Lake on Kodiak Island, has six cabins and access to 30 miles of shoreline and countless tributaries, meaning it’s a hot spot for hungry brown bears in search of salmon. From your own private deck, watch the wild kingdom unfold. World-class fishing, guided hikes and kayaking, and likely sightings of fox and bald eagle are also included. Four days, three nights; from $2,695 per person.

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