Incredible Wildlife Encounters: Polar Bear

Nunavut, Canada

Polar bears

Polar bears     Photo: Alexander Kutskiy

As the ice melts, polar bear populations are moving north, which is why Arctic Kingdom Polar Bear Expeditions built three small cabins in this area on the east coast of Hudson Bay north of Churchill, Manitoba, known as “Polar Bear Alley.” In fact, the changing climate has caused a bit of a polar-bear jam: Last year, one Inuit guide saw 300 bears in the area over the course of the October-November season.

From a cozy bear-proof cabin, watch the animals mock fight, forage for food, or laze around and wait for the sea ice to freeze. Added highlights: An aerial flight in search of the 400,000 strong Quamirjuaq caribou herd and, hopefully, a glance at the shimmering green pulse of the northern lights. $7,600 per person.

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