Incredible Wildlife Encounters: White Whiskered Spider Monkey

Amazon, Brazil

White-whiskered spider monkey

White-whiskered spider monkey     Photo: Cristalino Jungle Lodge

The endangered white whiskered spider monkey may be the original allure to this private 28,167-acre forest reserve bordering the Cristalino River in the southern Amazon. But the abundance of other wild things is the true seduction. The list includes, but isn’t limited to, Brazilian tapir, jaguar, giant otter, white-nosed-saki monkey, red-handed howler monkey, dusky-titi monkey, and the Snethlage’s marmoset. For twitchers there’s also the harpy eagle, cryptic falcon, crimson-bellied parakeet, black-girdled barbet, paradise tanager, crested owl, spangled cotinga, pavonine quetzal, purple honeycreeper, curl-crested aracari, and great potoo.

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