4. Dot Earth

Andrew Revkin's Dot Earth Blog for the New York Times is one of the top 10 environmental blogs online

3. Mother Jones Blue Marble

Mother Jones Blue Marble blog combines muckraking journalism and science reporting, making it one of the top 10 environmental blogs.

2. Yale Environment 360

Yale Environment 360, one of the web's top 10 environmental blogs, brings readers a mix of news and analysis from journalists, scientists, and policy makers.

9. OnEarth Blog

One of the web's 10 best environmental blogs is OnEarth, which features high-caliber writing from the National Resources Defense Council.

7. Discovery News Earth Blog

Discovery News Earth Blog, one of the top 10 environmental blogs, provides science news through an environmental lens.

Battened Down

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David de Rothschild has hiked to both poles to slow global warming and sailed across the Pacific in a boat made of recycled plastic to raise awareness of oceanic pollution. Now, on November 11th, the...

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Here are five smart reasons to plan a braincation for better mental health.

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