The Hidden Danger Threatening Our Dogs

Earlier this year, Terry Dubois went hiking with a few friends and four dogs. They were three miles from town when her 12-year-old heeler, Jetta, suddenly began shrieking.

The Freedivers Who Eavesdrop on Whales

It's not easy to swim with sperm whales: they're hard to find, hard to reach without adequate diving experience, and they just might swallow you up if you get too close. But how else are we going to...

The Day We Set the Colorado River Free

It's been more than 50 years since the Colorado River regularly reached the sea. But this spring, the U.S. and Mexico let the water storm through its natural delta for a grand experiment in...

Why Obama's New Regs Scare Big Coal

New emissions limits are sure to push coal further out of the U.S. energy mix, but what's to stop that carbon from being shipped overseas?

Accidental Activists

Amid the worst drought in California’s history, does the fate of the state’s salmon rest on weeding out the illegal marijuana farms?

The Last of the Wild and Man-Eating Tigers

In the Sundarbans region of India and Bangladesh, some of the world's last wild tigers roam free and ravenous. An expedition to film these elusive predators is tricky business. You may not see them,...