The Thoughts and Emotions of Our Fellow Creatures

In this chapter from Animal Wise, the latest book from journalist Virginia Morell, the author visits renowned scientist Dr. Irene Pepperberg to explore cognition in parrots, specifically, Alex...

Paradise With an Asterisk

Remote Bikini Atoll would appear to be the world's last pristine adventure destination. Except that just below the surface, deadly radioactivity endures. S.C. Gwynne returns to the site of one of...

Talk to Me

Marine biologist Denise Herzing has spent two decades communing with dolphins off the coast of Florida. Now, equipped with sophisticated devices capable of making the sounds they use to communicate,...

There Are No Otters Here

The no-otter zone is more than an arbitrary line drawn across the sea, it’s a window into one of nature’s most fascinating creatures and the failings of U.S. environmental law.

The Great Steelhead Rescue

Soon after a century-old mill dam was destroyed by flooding, the small creek behind Jeff Opperman's house played host to dozens of steelhead making their way up the Chagrin River. The freshwater...

The Unsolved Murder of Sunny

The shotgun blast that struck Sunny on the night of July 29 did not kill her—at least not immediately.

The Killer Whales

Tim Zimmermann's coverage of marine-park trainers killed by orcas.

The Life of an American Hunter

Outside correspondent Steven Rinella talks to his longtime editor, Mary Turner, about his new book (and TV show of the same name) Meat Eater, how he got started fishing and hunting, and...