How To Do (Almost) Everything

Our ultimate video guidebook has got you covered

We decided to leave infiltrating a beaver dam off the list.     Photo: Gerry Ellis/Minden Pictures

When we decided to put together our How To Do (Almost) Everything package, our compendium of essential expertise for modern adventurers, the first step was brainstorming the stuff we felt our readers absolutely needed to know. The list got long. Some of it—like which cameras to pack and how to avoid long TSA lines—was a no-brainer.

After much deliberation, we choose to cut a few things off the list including: infiltrating a beaver dam, holding your liquor, painting yourself in camouflage, civilizing a child raised by wolves, and finally wrestling a bear.

These instructional videos, however, should not be ignored.

How to Fix a Flat: with Lance Armstrong

Sabre a Champagne Bottle

Carry Your Skis

Revamp Your Trail Mix

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