The 35-Piece Ultimate Survival Kit

What's the price of safety? $9,340! Whether you're bugging out, sheltering in place, or just stocking up your bunker, these tools will help you ride out any emergency in style.

Things That Go Boom

If shovels, beacons, and probes are Avalanche Safety 101, the explosive, noisy techniques that resorts use to manage avalanches are for expert-only classes.

5 Avalanche Safety Rules of the Backcountry

Using tools from psychology and advertising, avalanche researcher Ian McCammon has spent the past 20 years analyzing what he calls the psychological terrain. The upshot: more accidents are due to...

Enter at Your Own Risk

Playing safely in the mountains requires an intimate knowledge of terrain and an understanding of how a host of variables—including sun, wind, and temperature—affect the snowpack.

The Clock Is Ticking

The key to digging your friends out alive is how fast you are with these three essential avalanche safety tools.

The Most Promising Safety Tool Surfacing on the Slopes

The idea is simple: as an avalanche slides, big stuff stays on top and little stuff sifts to the bottom. Airbag-equipped backpacks are primarily designed to make the wearer larger, improving the...

How Satellite Trackers Save Lives

When you’re stranded who-knows-where with a broken bone and open wound, time is not your friend. With the help of search and rescue teams, disoriented wilderness explorers sometimes get second...

What Qualifies as Dangerous Parenting?

Many of you have probably read of the dramatic rescue of Charlotte, her husband and two daughters, ages 1 and 3, from their failing vessel. It has triggered a lot of debate, about parenting. Their...

The Kindness of Strangers

While living in Mozambique, Amy Ragsdale and her daughter took a trip to a South African mall. When they got a flat tire, kindly strangers gave them not only a helping hand but also a lesson about...

When Wolves Attack

Sixteen-year-old Noah Graham was lying down during a late-summer camping trip when he felt jaws clamp down on the back of his head. He reached back and touched a Wolf’s face.

Surviving a Capsized Rowboat in the Open Ocean

Jordan Hanssen and three friends were more than three-quarters of the way through a 3700 nautical mile row across the Atlantic Ocean when two rogue waves flipped their boat and left them fighting for...

Surviving a Flash Flood in a Slot Canyon

Narrow canyons can turn into sheer-walled death traps during heavy rain. Emerging from them safely depends on smart planning, constant awareness, and, when those don't work, a healthy dose of luck.

Surviving an 8,000-Foot Fall

By the time 51-year-old Sacramento dentist Craig Stapleton jumped out of a plane on the afternoon of March 10 he had racked up more than 7,000 jumps, competed in 14 national skydiving competitions,...