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Natural Selection

Survivorman LES STROUD talks about venturing into the world's harshest environments alone, and the importance of a good harmonica.

How to Survive 10 Nightmare Scenarios

Ever wonder how it feels to get attacked by a shark? Spend seven weeks lost in the jungle? Get buried by multiple avalanches? Brace yourself for 12 of the hairiest survival stories ever told—and the...

Staying Alive

Bear Grylls has endured Everest, the North Atlantic, and, for his hit show Man vs. Wild, many a ghastly meal. So can he survive being called a fraud? This is not a man to bet against.

The Day the River Exploded

What happens when two brothers plunge through the ice of a frozen Wisconsin river? One refuses to give up, the other refuses to die, and each has a very different story to tell.