Kamp Soggy Bottom

Atop storm-raked Mount Washington with a big, useless drip


On El Capitan, there's nowhere to hide when things fall from the sky

Tour de Farce

Some mountains just want to be left alone

Paddling Fool

On the dark waters of Brooklyn, only a nut goes out at night

Bleak Streak

Trapped! On the tundra! and having a cold, hard time...

Dire Consequences

The ten worst adventure disasters of the past 200 years

Let the Bad Times Roll

Adventure, big and small, is all about risk. The risk that things may go terribly wrong. That danger will finally cut off your credit and hit you with a hefty bill. That luck will flee the scene as...

I Was an Avalanche Test Dummy

In the name of science, a veteran skier braves darkness, claustrophobia, and deadly cold to find out what it's like to be trapped under the snow


For the relentlessly adventurous, learning the deeper lessons of injury starts with a tough rule: You break it, you own it.

Cover Your Ass

The insurance industry amps up with specialized policies for thrill seekers

The Life That Almost Wasn't

She survived a near-fatal accident in Laos, only to be told that her adventure travels were over forever. Why one woman refused to listen. Read Wright's current story and then read...

Do It Our Way

The National Outdoor Leadership School is great at training kids to survive and thrive in the wild. So how does its boot-camp approach work with grown-ups? It's effective as hell—if you don't...

I, Rothario

Ever wonder if river rats get all the women? They do.