Cover Your Ass

The insurance industry amps up with specialized policies for thrill seekers

The Life That Almost Wasn't

She survived a near-fatal accident in Laos, only to be told that her adventure travels were over forever. Why one woman refused to listen. Read Wright's current story and then read...

Do It Our Way

The National Outdoor Leadership School is great at training kids to survive and thrive in the wild. So how does its boot-camp approach work with grown-ups? It's effective as hell—if you don't...

I Will Survive

Call us rubberneckers, but who can resist the panic, terror, and inspiration of a good survival tale? We combed through vast libraries of lore to find 10 more unforgettable, nearly unbelievable great...

The Ice Zone

Starved, Poisoned, Stranded

Mind Over Matter

Lost at Sea, Tami Oldham Ashcraft Wanted to Die

Plane Crash

The Only One Who Lived

Cheating Death

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker Takes on the Elements

Left for Dead

Frontiersman Hugh Glass Came out of the Jaws of a Grizzly, Alive

Desert Storm

Scorching Heat and the Sahara Couldn't Kill a Cop

This Dog's Life

A Labrador Overcomes 25-Foot Seas and Sub-Zero Temps


Deep inside a remote canyon, a boulder shifts. In an instant, a climber's hand is pinned beneath half a ton of rock. So begins an ordinary hero's six-day ordeal of grit, pain, and...