The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Lucky

Ever wonder how it feels to get attacked by a shark? Spend seven weeks lost in the jungle? Get buried by multiple avalanches? Brace yourself for 12 of the hairiest survival stories ever told—and the life-saving tips you can learn from them.

Pinned Underwater in a Kayak

Stranded in the Snow for Eight Days

Held Captive in a Serbian Jail

Starving in the Amazon for Seven Weeks

Attacked by a Tiger Shark

Trapped in the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Bleeding to Death in the Desert

Gored by a Bull in Pamplona

Buried by Multiple Avalanches

Mauled by a Cougar

Staying Alive with Man vs. Wild's Bear Grylls

The Day the River Exploded: Two Brother Plunge through the Ice of a Frozen Wisconsin River

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