Outside Classics

Thrifty, Clean, and Brave

In the America that most of us inhabit, the Boy Scouts seem an anachronism, a quaint holdover from sepia-toned decades past. And if the Boy Scout movement is one of the closest things to a folk...

Here The Bear and The Mafia Roam

Kamchatka, east of Siberia. As the curtain rises on the new frontier of adventure outfitting, attendees include your guide (he's the one with the armored vehicle), the local businessman (he's the one...

The Spill Seekers

Rowan Jacobsen sails into the despoiled Gulf of Mexico to find out what the feds aren't telling us.

Bury My Pride at Wounded Knees

He knew the Death Race would hurt his body. What he didn't expect was the deep-down way it messed with his soul.

Heart of Dark Chocolate

One German's quest to unearth the centuries-long mystery of the finest cacao on earth.

Twin Freaks

Twin brothers Mike and Steve Marolt have combined genetic gifts and actuarial efficiency to become two of the most accomplished high-altitude skiers alive.

The Killer in the Pool

Last February, when a 12,000-pound orca named Tilikum dragged his SeaWorld trainer into the pool and drowned her, it was the third time the big killer whale had been involved in a death. Many...

A Mountain of Trouble

The lush peaks of Iraqi Kurdistan are irresistible to a certain breed of bold backpacker: They're exotic, beautiful, and way off the beaten track. But when three young Americans were arrested by...

Into Teen Air

He's 13 years old, and he'­s headed up to 29,000 feet. As a new generation of adventurous kids post monster feats at younger and younger ages, Jordan Romero has his elders asking: Just how young is...

The Ballad of Colton Harris-Moore

In the Northwest's San Juan Islands, best known for killer whales and Microsoft retirees, a teen fugitive has made a mockery of local authorities, allegedly stealing cars, taking planes for...

Fire on the Mountain

In the rugged eastern provinces of Afghanistan, where peaks rise thousands of feet on all sides and the next valley is a world away, American troops are engaged in a kind of alpine warfare not seen...

Feet Lost and Found

At first the feet are all men's feet, all right feet. Then a woman's foot appears. Then a left foot. Four of the feet match: one pair of women's feet, one pair of men's. That's seven feet, bow-tied...

Clay Marzo: Liquid Cure

Clay Marzo is one of the world's most gifted surfers. Clay Marzo has Asperger's syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism. And it is only when the 20-year-old steps off of dry land and...

This Is Your Brain on Adventure

You stand on a 300-foot cliff and think, Mommy. Ted Davenport stands there and thinks, Sick air! The difference, neuroscientists are finding, may lie in the very anatomy of our minds.

Me, Myself, and Ribeye

Go to Argentina and find the best steak on earth, we told him. It was a dream assignment for our favorite swashbuckling gourmand—until he found himself staring into el ojo de la vaca.