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The Drink That Makes Every Chef Better

Dehydration plays havoc with your taste buds, and that craving for salt post-exercise could find you mindlessly turning your stew into an unpalatable sodium bomb. The fix: down an entire bottle of an...

New Reading: A Jungle Eco-Battle

There are two sides to the story of the biggest environmental lawsuit ever, but a new book tells only one of them.

A Traumatic Look Behind the Scenes at SeaWorld

I’ve long thought that to truly understand what life is like for a killer whale, dolphin, or sea lion at a marine park, you have to talk to the animal care workers, who are on the front lines with...

The World's Toughest Adventure Addict

In september, serial adventurer Mike Horn, 48, will weigh anchor on one of the world’s last undone firsts: a motorless circumnavigation of the earth via the two poles.

Yosemite's Outlaw Spirit

The birthplace of rebel climber culture is supposed to be all cleaned up and mellowed out. But as a new film shows, the outlaw spirit is alive and well.

What Comes After PBR

Last week we reported that the country has officially hit "Peak PBR," or the moment when watery beer is officially too hip even for hipsters. With Pabst Blu Ribbon reaching unprecedented sales...

Home is Where the Futsal Is

In the three years since Amy Ragsdale and her family had left, nothing had changed and everything had changed. The town of Penedo was still sleepy, but the lives of their friends, the people who had...

Great News for Outdoor Gourmands

Xanterra, the company that provides concession services for Yellowstone and several other “crown jewel” parks, has committed to sourcing 50 percent of its food from either local or sustainable...

A Sunshine Day with the Secretary of Energy

While in Santa Fe, Moniz sat down with Outside editorial director Alex Heard and features editor Elizabeth Hightower Allen for a wide-ranging discussion of energy policy, technology, the environment,...

Why You Should Take Your Kids Out of School

As a growing movement of unschoolers believe, a steady diet of standardized testing and indoor inactivity is choking the creativity right out of our kids. The alternative: set 'em free.

How K2 Just Had One of Its Best Seasons

With 45 successful summits and only one fatality on one of the world's deadliest mountains, this season on K2 seems too serendipitous to be true. But safely conquering the mountain took grueling...

The Mysterious Disappearance of Cody Dial

Roman Dial has made a name for himself courageously heading out on risky adventures. But his son's disappearance in Costa Rica has him shaken—and the details aren't adding up.

The Case for Going Uncivilized

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, an acclaimed environmental author heads for the Three Sisters Wilderness near his Oregon home.