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Digital Detox: Reboot or Die Trying

A star political blogger for, David Roberts spent so much time posting and Tweeting and staring at screens that he almost went nuts. So he pulled the plug for a year, restarting his...

How to Unschool Your Kids

Ben Hewitt’s essay on “unschooling” in our September issue has sparked some heated debate. Few parents are willing to do as the Hewitts do, and turn their kids loose entirely. But how can we give our...

Napa Wines Need Your Help

The only thing worse than a grisly three-week news cycle (ISIS, Ebola, Ferguson, repeat) is having that news cycle nightcapped with an earthquake that ruined some of the country's best wine.

The Popsicle Gets a Booze Upgrade

Congratulations, you managed to make it through the annual family road trip without “accidentally” leaving one of your children at a rest stop. Clearly you deserve a treat, preferably one with a...

Your Anxious Kid Needs Time Outside

Anxiety, depression, obesity, sociopathy—American kids don't play enough, and many researchers associate this fun deficit with serious health issues. It’s time to wake up.

Climate Tourism Is Really Heating Up

Peru's Pastoruri glacier is in bad shape—climate change has not been good to it. But when one opportunity melts, it appears, another one arises: climate change tourism.

The World's Tallest Water Slide Is Insane

It started, like most of my bad ideas, with a Youtube video. Posted last December by Schlitterbahn, a chain of water parks, the promo shows a soon-to-be-opened water slide from a terrifying POV—the...

The Drink That Makes Every Chef Better

Dehydration plays havoc with your taste buds, and that craving for salt post-exercise could find you mindlessly turning your stew into an unpalatable sodium bomb. The fix: down an entire bottle of an...

New Reading: A Jungle Eco-Battle

There are two sides to the story of the biggest environmental lawsuit ever, but a new book tells only one of them.

A Traumatic Look Behind the Scenes at SeaWorld

I’ve long thought that to truly understand what life is like for a killer whale, dolphin, or sea lion at a marine park, you have to talk to the animal care workers, who are on the front lines with...

The World's Toughest Adventure Addict

In september, serial adventurer Mike Horn, 48, will weigh anchor on one of the world’s last undone firsts: a motorless circumnavigation of the earth via the two poles.

Yosemite's Outlaw Spirit

The birthplace of rebel climber culture is supposed to be all cleaned up and mellowed out. But as a new film shows, the outlaw spirit is alive and well.

What Comes After PBR

Last week we reported that the country has officially hit "Peak PBR," or the moment when watery beer is officially too hip even for hipsters. With Pabst Blu Ribbon reaching unprecedented sales...