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Why We Love Sunski Sunglasses

With their upstart company Sunski, twentysomethings Tom Stewart and Michael Charley have seriously shaken up the sunglasses industry.

The 8-Step Plan for Finding Your Dream Job

We can't all be marine biologists, but there are ways to turn your career into an adventure. Outside's guide to thriving in the 21st-century workplace shows you how.

How to Reboot Your Career

Ready to reboot your career? These brave souls made some drastic job changes—and they haven't looked back since.

This All-Female Sailing Team Is Rocking the Boat

Only the world's best sailors compete in the nine-month, 38,739-nautical-mile Volvo Ocean Race. The stakes are high—three people died in the inaugural 1973 event, and casualties have piled on...

Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a sea change in terms of people’s attitudes, perception, and behavior about recreating in avalanche-prone terrain, especially skiing in the backcountry.

35 Essentials That Will Keep You Alive

What's the price of safety? $9,340! Whether you're bugging out, sheltering in place, or just stocking up your bunker, these tools will help you ride out any emergency in style.

Inside Look: A Multimillionaire On Trial

CBS's 48 Hours will air an hour-long documentary titled "Paradise Lost," about the bizarre case of Ann Bender, the American multimillionaire accused of killing her husband in 2010 in their Costa...

The Experts-Only Guide to Ski Safety

If shovels, beacons, and probes are Avalanche Safety 101, the explosive, noisy techniques that resorts use to manage avalanches are for expert-only classes.

5 Avalanche Safety Rules of the Backcountry

Using tools from psychology and advertising, avalanche researcher Ian McCammon has spent the past 20 years analyzing what he calls the psychological terrain. The upshot: more accidents are due to...

The Map That Will Help You Avoid an Avalanche

Playing safely in the mountains requires an intimate knowledge of terrain and an understanding of how a host of variables—including sun, wind, and temperature—affect the snowpack.

How to Survive a Lightning Strike

Every year, more than 500 Americans will be struck by lightning—and roughly 90 percent of them will survive. Though they remain among the living, their minds and bodies will be instantly,...

America's Favorite Beer Is No Longer American

Late yesterday, Oasis Beverages, a Russian-based brewer and distributor, announced that it was purchasing the entire portfolio of Pabst Blue Ribbon products, including PBR.

Buy Your Ski Pass Now

Combo deals that get you access to multiple resorts are the hot thing in the industry. These five offer the best bang for the buck.