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Coming of Age on Mount Rainier

One summer day, Amy Ragsdale's husband, Peter, gazed across the water at the white hulk of a mountain. "What about that?" he said. "Let's climb Mount Rainier."

Do Dogs Need Sunglasses?

Uh no, not really. But before you put away the Doggles, there are a few reasons to keep them around.

The Hidden Traps Killing Our Dogs

Earlier this year, Terry Dubois went hiking with a few friends and four dogs. They were three miles from town when her 12-year-old heeler, Jetta, suddenly began shrieking.

The Flood That Nearly Destroyed the West

A morning at a nondescript Arizona warehouse somehow landed the author in the Grand Canyon. Loads of research, many boat trips through Colorado River rapids, and one award-winning book later, he...

The Keurig for Beer Is Here

Beer lovers, rejoice! An open-source project has developed a portable beer tap that can dispense any kind of suds you want.

Deconstructing the Perfect Margarita

It’s margarita season, friends, a time when we fill our glasses with a drink that is not only refreshing, but will keep you from dying of scurvy if stranded at sea.

Cycling's Most Emasculating Tradition

You’ll never see Peyton Manning triumphantly holding up a Mickey Mouse doll after winning the Super Bowl. So what’s the deal with giving cutesy stuffed lions to Tour de France stage winners?

The Kids Belong at Your Next Ultra

Historically, Katie Arnold felt a need to compartmentalize motherhood and running; mixing the two could only cause stress and worry for all involved. But when she finally brought her kids along to a...

The Appalachian Trail Mystery

Paul D. Paur left behind all his worldly possessions and entered the Appalachian Trail in early June. Concerns about his mental health surfaced alongside reports from fellow hikers that Paur is...