Run a Marathon

It’s not as hard as you think

Marathon grab

You may want to practice your running grab via Shutterstock     Photo: sainthorant daniel

Watch a big marathon like New York’s (44,000 runners) and the thing that stands out is the diversity of age and body types parading by—some old, some big, and some just awkward. You’ll probably leave thinking: “If they can do it...” And you’d be right. With the right training, almost anyone can complete a marathon. Our favorites are the festive Rock and Roll marathons, headlined by the June 3, San Diego Marathon, which features a live band at every mile marker. You are probably too late to prepare for that race (you’ll want to train for about six months in case of an injury or illness), so pick one of the series’ 28 other dates in North America and Europe. If you need some help getting started, check out coach Hal Higdon’s interactive training plan for beginners, located in The Outside Fitness Center.

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