The Trail Runner's Bucket List: Bridger Ridge Run, Montana

From a ridge run through the Montana sky to a marathon in the heart of Africa, these ten races have one thing in common: They'll push your limits in some of the most spectacular terrain on earth.

montana trail running Bridger Ridge Run Montana trail running marathon

    Photo: jparker2005/Flickr

Rising 5,000 feet above Bozeman, the Bridger Range flaunts a dramatic, narrow ridgeline that links together several of its peaks. In 1985, the ridge, which is visible from town, inspired several locals so much that they organized a race across the 20-mile-long crest. Starting from the Sacajawea Peak trailhead in the north and finishing at the M parking lot in the south, racers scramble over boulders, cross talus fields, and navigate cliff systems on a trail that narrows to one foot wide in places and is surrounded on both sides by thousand-foot drops. Entry for the coveted 250 spots is by lottery.

Race Date: August 10, 2013

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