How Running Explains the World

Is there a better way to get to know a new city than jogging through its streets? Noah Davis doesn't think so.

Running Down a Dream

Shaun Martin, a Navajo cross-country coach from Chinle, Arizona, uses running as a powerful motivator for high school students who yearn for opportunities beyond the reservation. But make no mistake:...

New York City Is a Marathon

Can running replace public transportation in New York City? Noah Davis tried to find out.

Why Is He Still Running?

Noah Davis takes a look at Wade Barrett's transition from professional soccer player to semi-serious ultramarathoner.

An All-Night Run Through the Mountains of Chamonix

When it comes to the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, one of the world's most grueling footraces, they say you should always expect the unexpected. And, this year, that couldn't have been more true.

Win or Die Trying

The U.S. will send three legitimate medal contenders to London to compete in the women’s marathon, an event traditionally dominated by East African and Russian runners. And while Davila and Goucher...