On the Trail of the White Horse

On Tuesday March 27, ultrarunner Micah True set off on a 12-mile run in the Gila National Forest and didn't return. Days later, writer Christopher McDougall took off on a not-so-unfamiliar quest,...

Lolo Jones

Hurdler Lolo Jones was the feel-good story of the Beijing Olympics, until a tiny mistake cost her a medal—and made her tale even more compelling. This year, the Iowa-raised track phenom is back and...

7. iRunFar

Outside picks the best running blogs of 2011, including iRunFar

1. Science of Sport

Outside picks the best running blogs of 2011, including the Science of Sport


Americans are lining up for marathons, triathlons, and adventure races in record numbers. Here are five marathons and the best reason to enter each one.

Take Them With You

The Outside Guide to Fatherhood: Bring kids with you from an early age.

Go the Distance

Think aging's effects are genetic? Think again. That morning jog could add years to your life.

Fair Chase

On the short-grass plains of eastern New Mexico, a band of elite marathon runners tests a controversial theory: Did the aerobic endurance of ancient man allow him to chase down the fastest ungulates...

The Mutants Next Door: Fittest Real Athletes

They're obliterating records when they're not ferrying the kids to soccer or logging 40-hour weeks selling insurance. Meet five working athletes at the top of their game—and learn their training...

Plans of Attack

A fitness of just couple of hours a week can yield amazing results.