The 8 Essentials of Barefoot Running

Barefoot-inspired shoes are flying off the shelves, and they're poised to transform the way we run. Here's how to make the most of running with less.

A Primer on Barefoot Running Shoes

Running in minimalist shoes can make you stronger and faster, but it also involves changing your gait. Here's how to get started.

Check Your Form

Running barefoot or with barefoot-style shoes means changing your gait to avoid injury.

Barefoot Running Training Plan

Use this training plan—based on a 30-mile-per-week training load—to transition slowly from your old shoes to your new barefoot running shoes.

Faster. Higher. Squeakier.

In 2007, molecular biologist Ron Evans flipped a genetic switch on test mice and turned them into super-athletes. Headlines ensued, as did nervous references to human applications and "exercise in a...

Fancy Footwork

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Winter Running

Essential winter running clothes and accessories.