Snow Sports

The New Rules of Skiing

Even if you’re a dedicated snow chaser, there are always new ways to make this ski season the best one yet. We did the footwork and learned the techniques, tips, and deals that are going to change...

Forget Lift Lines. Earn Your Turns Here.

The popularity of alpine touring setups has caused riders to seek more places to use them. Once relegated to the backcountry, AT enthusiasts are earning their turns in the land of chalets and...

Photo of the Day: Outrunning a Slide

The snowpack was sketchy at best for pro skier Wiley Miller in Switzerland's Porte du Soleil. A big storm had left a fresh layer of snow and the winds were high.

The Powdery Excess of the Canadian Ski Lodge

McManus and his son, Paul, opened Mallard last season to capitalize on the growing backcountry ski lodge trend in British Columbia. There are more than 40 similar operations spread throughout the...

How to Ski on the Cheap

The ticket-window price at major ski resorts this season will be well north of $100, but it is possible to cut some costs.

A Hidden Ski Paradise in British Columbia

Tired of epic lift lines, hostile locals, and $15 burgers at the lodge? Something wonderful is happening in a remote pocket of British Columbia, where homegrown spirit is flourishing beyond the reach...

Skiers: Vail Is Not the Enemy

A few weeks ago, when Vail Resorts bought Park City Mountain Resort, the sale triggered an onslaught of vitriol against Colorado's billion-dollar ski empire. But while it's easy to hate a company...

Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a sea change in terms of people’s attitudes, perception, and behavior about recreating in avalanche-prone terrain, especially skiing in the backcountry.

Buy Your Ski Pass Now

Combo deals that get you access to multiple resorts are the hot thing in the industry. These five offer the best bang for the buck.

Are Avalanches Really Killing More People?

As hordes of skiers hit the backcountry, they're triggering more avalanches than ever before, and there's still a dangerous gap between our collective enthusiasm and the depth of our knowledge. But...

Vail Just Bought Park City: Now What?

Changes, and lots of them, including a sharp uptick in skier visits to Utah, cheaper season passes state-wide, and an increased likelihood that all the Wasatch-area resorts will soon be connected.

What Vail's Takeover Means for Skiers

It’s rare that the blanched, distended underbelly of the corporate ski industry gets exposed to the skiing public, but that’s exactly what’s been happening for the past three seasons in the mountains...