Snow Sports

5 Skate Ski Essentials

While skate skiing gets a bad rep for being exceptionally difficult to learn, having the right gear is the first step to gliding your way into endorphin-induced bliss.

The Big-Mountain Skier from Surf City, USA

Townsend's wild ride through the slot canyon in Alaska's Tordrillo Mountains captivated the skiing world and, thanks to YouTube and his helmet cam footage, millions of viewers across the globe.

How U.S. Skiers Saved Their Sport

On Tuesday, the Alpine world championships kicked off in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Featuring over 700 athletes from 70 countries competing in 11 events over a two-week span, the biannual event is...

The Next Shaun White Is a 14-Year-Old Girl

Last February, as the sports world converged on ­Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Winter Olympics, one of the best halfpipe snowboard­ers in the world made the trip to Pyeong­chang, South Korea, instead.

The Ultimate Winter Bucket List

So you call yourself a skier, eh? Prove it. We’ve compiled a list of the 30 things every winter lover needs to do in a lifetime—from shredding iconic runs and exploring must-visit...

The New Rules of Skiing

Even if you’re a dedicated snow chaser, there are always new ways to make this ski season the best one yet. We did the footwork and learned the techniques, tips, and deals that are going to change...

Know Your Porns

With a bevy of new ski and snowboard films in theaters this month, a quick primer on what sets ski porn apart.

The Best U.S. Resorts for Uphill Travel

The popularity of alpine touring setups has caused riders to seek more places to use them. Once relegated to the backcountry, AT enthusiasts are earning their turns in the land of chalets and...

Outrunning a Slide

The snowpack was sketchy at best for pro skier Wiley Miller in Switzerland's Porte du Soleil. A big storm had left a fresh layer of snow and the winds were high.

The Best Backcountry Ski Lodges in British Columbia

McManus and his son, Paul, opened Mallard last season to capitalize on the growing backcountry ski lodge trend in British Columbia. There are more than 40 similar operations spread throughout the...

Ski on the Cheap

The ticket-window price at major ski resorts this season will be well north of $100, but it is possible to cut some costs.