Snow Sports

Loosen Up

Is stretching good for you? Maybe. But it sure feels good.

Simon Says

The king of big air talks about overcoming fear, setting records, and his ideal ski partner.


Julian Carr plans to fling himself into the record books this winter

The Missing Rink

Welcome to the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships, where the game is pure, the ice is dangerously uneven, and the beer is very, very cold


A guide’s quest.

Unearned Turns

Six downhill ski escapes with no crowds or chairlifts—and no hiking

Another Cup?

Reigning World Cup champ Lindsey Vonn talks about repeating in 2009.

Climbing Skins 101

Less futzing with climbing skins means more time skiing. Here are a few helpful tips.

How to Build a Snow Cave

Ask ten people how to make a snow cave and you'll get ten different answers. Winter-survival expert Greg Davenport, 49, ends the debate. Here's his definitive guide to making a bomber...

Tuning Up Your Skis

"Ninety percent of people do nothing to take care of their skis from the day they buy them to the day they throw them in the trash," says Peter Boyer, of Boulder, Colorado's Alpine Base &...