Snow Sports

Dude... I Mean Dad

It ain't easy being the sponsor (a.k.a. old man) of a competitive snowboard artiste (a.k.a. my teenage son). Lend an ear, and a shoulder, and I'll tell you all about it.

Know of any B&Bs near a ski resort?

My wife and I would like to take a long weekend during the winter. Where can we find a bed and breakfast that's near a ski resort in a rustic environment?

If You Build It, They Will Protest

Matthew Godfrey, the 36-year-old mayor of Ogden, Utah, wants to transform his town into the business center of the winter-sports universe. His biggest obstacle? Ogden, Utah.

Winter's New Rules

Win the seasonal game with the year's hottest gear

2007 Ski & Snowboard Hot List

To bring you the best of winter, we set up shop in Aspen, the over-the-top playground of dry powder, long steeps, and never-sleep nightlife.

Point and Shoot

From Alaskan powder to New England ice, these skis will make you better

Point and Shoot

Rossignol Zenith Z9, Fischer World Cup RC, and Salomon X-Wing Tornado

Easy Riders

This season's snowboards are more refined than ever—so you don't have to be

Easy Riders

Rome Design, Salomon Special, and K2 Podium

Hut to Haute

Taking their cues from urban sidewalks and fashion runways, sportswear designers redefine the look of winter