Snow Sports

Cat Fever

You don't always need a bird to find powdery perfection in British Columbia

Big Glide Country

Whether you're skating perfect corduroy or blazing backcountry powder, skinny-skiing the wide-open West is the path to cold-weather bliss

Going Down in History

A new documentary takes on the snowboarding revolution—and launches one of its own



Ski and Snowboard Fitness Advice

We cull 25 years of the best of Outside's esteemed Bodywork section to bring you the best advice on terrain hucking, knee recuperation, injury prevention, and more.

A Whole New Whirl

With heli-ski tours in the central Alps, the Swiss prove their mastery of perfection´┐Żagain

Before and Après

Sun Valley, Idaho: Sure, Lance and Sheryl got engaged here, but celebrity is nothing special in this town. It's all about the steep and deep. For the 70th anniversary of America's first ski hill, we...

Who You Calling Good?

Stop arguing. We surveyed the experts and shall now define, once and for all, a good skier.