Snow Sports

Friday Interview: Tim Brown

The Colorado Information Center's avalanche forecaster talks about the most common mistakes backcountry skiers make, how to mitigate risk, and how to survive an avalanche.

Can You Talk Snowboard?

A crash-course quiz on the slanguage you'll hear blaring over the halfpipe (or, rather, "stunt ditch") at any major snowboarding competition.

Friday Interview: Heli Putz

The Austrian mountain guide that has been involved in some of extreme sports' most notable conquests talks about the 2011 debacle on Cerro Torre, working with Shane McConkey and Felix Baumgartner,...

Friday Interview: Lynsey Dyer

One of the world's most accomplished female skiers talks about her upcoming film, the unique challenges women face on the slopes, and her dream day in the mountains.

Friday Interview: Pete Wagner

The man behind Wagner Custom makes the case for dropping $2,000 on your very own pair of made-to-order skis.