Snow Sports

Chris Waddell

My biggest worry after breaking my back in '88, in a freak ski accident, was that I would lose a life in which I could do whatever I wanted. Lying in the hospital bed, I realized my legs were...

Shane McConkey

I just love the feeling of catching air. It's the combination of being completely out of control yet knowing that you're in control. And your stomach going up through your chest and out your...

The Musher

Native German Sebastian Schnuelle wowed the mushing world by smashing time records for the annual

Tabernash, Colorado

Bloody Marys at noon; black-diamond bravado; snot rockets in lift lines—ski trips are not usually romantic. But this doesn't have to be the rule. Just insert cross-country before


British Columbia has tried to secure the Winter Olympics no fewer than six times. In fact, the town of Whistler was built for this very purpose: In 1960, four Vancouver businessmen began...