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Rice and eggs     Photo: Courtesy VeloPress

The Peloton's Power Food

How do professional bike racers stay fresh and fit during grueling stage races? By eating meals perfectly tuned to deliver maximum performance and optimized recovery. Here are five of them.

What do you put in your body to own 683 miles of cycling over the course of seven days? The short answer is: a lot. But the type of food matters. During most races, riders are subjected to flavorless iceberg lettuce and gray buffet meat offered by hotels, but not at the Colorado Pro Cycling Challenge. Here, the chef, Biju Thomas, provides the event’s 150 riders with food before, during, and after events—and works with hotels to provide racers morning and evening options designed for both health and flavor.

Thomas guided us through one day of race recipes scheduled for the event’s time trial day in Vail on August 23. We took those recipes to Liz Applegate, a former pro triathlete and current director of sports nutrition at the University of California at Davis, to help us get a better look at how the food fuels the rider.


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