Raising Rippers

Richmond, Virginia

Held in conjunction with Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K, this one-mile race caters to kids—and lots of 'em. (In 2013, 1,585 children aged 5 to 12 participated.) Before the race, youngsters warm up with such local mascots as WebstUR the Spider (University of Richmond) and Rodney the Ram (Virginia Commonwealth University). The flat course starts and ends on the VCU campus, where kids run through the same finish chute the grownups use, receiving medals. "Close to two thousand kids participate," says organizer Jackie Stoneburner. "They're so happy when they cross the finish line and high-five all the local mascots who showed up to run with them. We're big believers that good health decisions start during childhood, so this event is a great way for us to encourage children to think about physical activity in a fun way."
    Photo: Jesse Peters

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