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    Fuel for a Race

    What you eat before a race can make or break you. Follow these six steps so you don't find yourself running out of juice before the finish line.

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    Fuel for a Race: Eat Before Training

    Keep track of what you eat while training to learn what works best for your body.

    » Learn How to Make Training Meals

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    Fuel for a Race: Recover Faster

    Teaching your body to recover more quickly can shave minutes off your time. Try a few of these simple methods.

    » Learn How to Recover During a Marathon

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    Fuel for a Race: Eat Before Your Race

    Ramp up your calorie intake as the race approaches but choose your meals wisely. It will make a difference down the road.

    » Learn How to Eat Before Your Race

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    Fuel for a Race: Fuel the Night Before

    The night before a race is your last chance to really load up. Use the opportunity wisely.

    » Learn How to Fuel the Night Before a Race

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    Fuel for a Race: Fuel the Morning of Your Race

    The morning before your race is a precious window of time. Learn how to make the most of it.

    » Learn How to Prepare the Morning of Your Race

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    Fuel for a Race: During the Race

    Once you’re in the thick of your marathon, fuel will be precious. Make the most of your limited opportunities to recharge.

    » Learn How to Fuel During Your Race

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    Run Across America

    Running across the country? It sounds impossible but more people have done it than you think. We break down the best way to try with this guide.

    » Learn How to Run Across America

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    Choose Your First Triathlon

    Choosing your first triathlon can be intimidating. So we've selected a few criteria to help you narrow it down.

    » Learn How to Choose Your First Triathlon

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    Run Your First Ultra

    Ellie Greenwood, winner of the 2012 ­Western States 100-mile Endurance Run, on how you can balance big miles with a day job.

    » Learn How to Prepare for Your First Ultra

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    Train for Your First Ultra

    If you can run a marathon, you can finish a 50-miler. Follow this plan to toe the starting line in peak physical and mental shape.

    » Learn How to Train for Your First Ultra

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    Conquer the Spartan Race

    Welcome to the log-hauling, wall-scaling, mind-twisting test of endurance, where you never know what happens next.

    » Learn How to Conquer the Spartan Race

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    Run Your First Ultramarathon

    An ultramarathon isn't just a race: It's a windy, rocky, leg-trashing trail to self-enlightenment. Get ready to run your first 50-miler with tips from our ultra experts.

    » Learn How to Run Your First Ultramarathon

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    Eat for an Ultramarathon

    If you're running an ultra, you can pretty much expect to face some gastric distress along the way.

    » Learn How to Eat for an Ultramarathon

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    Find a Training Partner

    The number of exercise-partner websites seems to rival that of dating sites, and visiting one can be just as frustrating.

    » Learn How to Find a Training Partner

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    Run Your Best Half-Marathon

    The marathon’s little brother has been bumper-sticker branded 13.1. The distance is half that of a marathon, but that doesn’t mean running one is half the achievement.

    » Learn How to Run Your Best Half-Marathon

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    Run a 10K

    Want to make this year memorable? Start training now and destroy your office mates in a 10K.

    » Learn How to Run a 10K