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  • Master the Grill

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    Master the Grill

    Is there anyone more popular than a good grill chef? Probably not. Follow our guide to becoming The Master of the Grill.

    » Learn How to Master the Grill

  • Craft the Perfect Burger

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    Craft the Perfect Burger

    Perhaps the last true American art form, a burger must be prepared like the delicacy that it is.

    » Learn How to Cook Burgers

  • Grill Savory Pork

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    Grill Savory Pork

    Pork is a religion to many. Become their new messiah with these grilling tips.

    » Learn How to Grill Pork

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    Oysters On the Half Shell

    Grilled oysters? You must be mad. Maybe, but we’re damn good cooks and you can be too.

    » Learn How to Grill Oysters

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    Never Burn Grilled Chicken

    Chicken may be a staple of the grill, but that doesn’t mean you can’t screw it up. Make sure you’ve got the technique down.

    » Learn How to Grill Chicken

  • Keep Grilled Fish Together

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    Keep Grilled Fish Together

    When cooked right, grilled fish can outstrip many of the more conventional grilled meats.

    » Learn How to Grill Fish

  • Grill the Perfect Steak

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    Grill the Perfect Steak

    Like chicken, steak would appear easy at first, but true Grill Masters know otherwise. Take your game to the next level.

    » Learn How to Grill Steak

  • Not Overcook Lamb

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    Not Overcook Lamb

    Your guests will fall to their knees when they see the towering rack of lamb sizzling gently over the flame. Make them your slaves with these tips.

    » Learn How to Grill Lamb

  • Make Produce Last Longer

    Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Dreier

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    Make Produce Last Longer

    Give your produce a longer shelf life with these simple tips for life extension.

    » Learn How to Make Produce Last Longer

  • Make Your Own Energy Bars

    Photo: chowvegan/Flickr

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    Make Your Own Energy Bars

    Pro-Bar founder Art Eggertsen's recipe for a protein-rich calorie grenade. With dates, maple syrup, and Grand Marnier, you can't go wrong. .

    » Learn How to Make Energy Bars

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    Play the Farmers' Market

    Leave the waxed stuff to the big chain stores, follow these orders from pioneering organic chef Alice Waters, owner of Berkeley bistro Chez Panisse, and hit the market prepared for action.

    » Learn How to Play the Farmers' Market

  • Make a Power Smoothie

    Photo: Mitch Altman/Flickr

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    Make a Power Smoothie

    A creamy (oooh!), chocolatey (aaahh!), treat-yourself snack packing the perfect recovery ratios of protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fat—because you earned it.

    » Learn How to Make a Power Smoothie

  • Cook a Tough Bird

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    Cook a Tough Bird

    There are many reasons to pay the extra dime for chickens that have lived some semblance of a life. But paradoxically, the more naturally a bird is raised, the tougher the meat. Here's how to prepare the happy chicken from your backyard or farmers market.

    » Learn How to Cook a Tough Bird

  • Cook Tree Rat

    Photo: TessarTheTegu/Shutterstock

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    Cook Tree Rat

    Timothy Ferriss shares Outside contributing editor Steven Rinella's instructions for cooking up a squirrel (or three) over the fire.

    » Learn How to Cook Tree Rat

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    Brew Your Own Seasonal Beer

    Ah, the dog days! High beer-swilling season! Which means trips to the store, which mean getting out of the hammock, which is unfortunate and just another great excuse to brew your own.

    » Learn How to Brew Your Own Seasonal Beer

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    Butcher a Chicken

    In this excerpt from his newest book, The 4-Hour Chef, Timothy Ferriss shares Marco Canora's sure-fire technique for carving chickens into thighs, legs, wings, and breasts.

    » Learn How to Butcher a Chicken

  • Drink Without a Corkscrew

    Photo: Caliterra/Flickr

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    Drink Without a Corkscrew

    You're an idiot. In the middle of nowhere. With a bottle but no tool with which to liberate the vino languishing within. Fret not: You can get at that good stuff.

    » Learn How to Drink Without a Corkscrew

  • Brew Your Own Beer

    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

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    Brew Your Own Beer

    As with tying your own flies, justifying home-brewed beer on financial grounds requires some fuzzy math, like ignoring start-up costs. And it's not necessarily better than a pint from a good brewery. But it's your pint.

    » Learn How to Brew Your Own Beer

  • Cook a Perfect Meal

    Photo: woodleywonderworks/Flickr

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    Cook a Perfect Meal

    Besides the fact that you're drooling, what's so perfect about this menu? It's a balanced recovery feast* that follows the 40-30-30 ratio of carbs to fat to protein prescribed by nutritionists—and is damn delicious, too.

    » Learn How to Cook a Perfect Meal

  • Make a Better Homebrew

    Photo: Chris Werner

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    Make a Better Homebrew

    In early June, beer lovers gathered at Orella Ranch on California’s Gaviota Coast for a two-day workshop on building a home brewery and making beer.

    » Learn How to Make a Better Homebrew

  • Cook a Great Meal in the Backcountry

    Photo: Inga Hendrickson

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    Cook a Great Meal in the Backcountry

    On our life list of must-learn talents: cook a great meal in the backcountry.

    » Learn How to Cook a Great Meal in the Backcountry

  • Grow Your Own Vegetables

    Photo: Alita Bobrov

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    Grow Your Own Vegetables

    Not because it's sustainable but because what you grow tastes better than anything from the grocery store. The key is intensity: lots of nutrients, sun, heat, and water.

    » Learn How to Grow Your Own Vegetables