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  • Write a Travel Blog

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    Write a Travel Blog

    If you’re blogging to keep your mom updated on your whereabouts, then it’s fine to include everything you ate and when you last showered, but if you’re trying to appeal to a broader audience, you’re going to have to focus on more interesting experiences. Keep and build a real audience with these simple tips

    » Learn How to Write a Travel Blog

  • Get Upgrades While Traveling

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    Get Upgrades While Traveling

    If I knew some easy way to work the system for automatically getting bumped up to business or first class, I’d keep the secret to myself—but I don’t. So instead, I’ll give you tips on how to at least improve your chances for an upgrade.

    » Learn How to Get Upgrades While Traveling

  • Leave a Motel Room

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    Leave a Motel Room

    The act touches on mortality. It offers a small dose of the autobiographical sadness you feel after the moving van has gone and you take a last look around the place where you used to live.

    » Learn How to Leave a Motel Room

  • Pack Lighter

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    Pack Lighter

    Traveling light is a big challenge for outdoorsy types because of all the gear, footwear, and clothing we have to carry.

    » Learn How to Pack Lighter

  • Acclimatize Like a Pro

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    Acclimatize Like a Pro

    As you gain altitude, your red blood cells can't hold as much oxygen, which means once you start getting into the thousands of feet above sea level, you may get easily winded, have a headache, and feel nauseated.

    » Learn How to Acclimatize Like a Pro

  • Wash Your Clothes While Traveling

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    Wash Your Clothes While Traveling

    Helpful hint: Never go to a laundromat or have someone else wash your clothes for you (unless you’re visiting mom, of course) because it uses up too much energy, water, and money.

    » Learn How to Wash Your Clothes While Traveling

  • Adopt a Stray in Puerto Rico

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    Adopt a Stray in Puerto Rico

    I go to Puerto Rico occasionally, can’t help but notice the huge stray dog problem. Many of the dogs are so friendly and pretty darn cute. How can I adopt one from there and bring it home?

    » Learn How to Adopt a Stray in Puerto Rico

  • Dodge Montezuma's Revenge

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    Dodge Montezuma's Revenge

    Chef Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, has put more potential contaminants in his mouth than a Manhattan raccoon... And yet he's never gotten the trots while on the road. What sorcery is this?

    » Learn How to Dodge Montezuma's Revenge

  • Stay Clean Without Showering

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    Stay Clean Without Showering

    What’s the best way to stay clean and not stink without taking a bath every couple of days?

    » Learn How to Stay Clean Without Showering

  • Reach Out Anywhere

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    Reach Out Anywhere

    Sometimes it takes more than a cell signal.

    » Learn How to Reach Out Anywhere

  • Deal With a Missing Passport

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    Deal With a Missing Passport

    Follow these handy passport safety and replacement instructions so you don’t have to think—or even worry—if the incredibly inconvenient happens.

    » Learn How to Deal With a Missing Passport