Go Razor Clamming

Just not with your grandfather’s foraging technique

The three-to-five-inch long Razor Clam is abundant at the tide line on beaches from Alaska to Oregon. Because they can dig downwards so quickly, they offer the most sport of any bivalve. People still use clamming shovels, but more fun is the clam gun, a $20 aluminum or PVC tube that captures clams with suction (play video above).

Go in spring or fall when agencies open the weekend-long seasons and join the Easter-egg-hunt-like festivities. 1) Locate the clam show—the hole left in the sand when the clam withdraws its neck from the surface. 2) Place the clam gun around the show—off center toward the ocean. They tend to burrow in that direction. 3) Drive the gun straight downwards with a twisting motion. 3) Cover the air vent with your thumb to create suction and lift the column of sand out of the hole. 4) Shake the sand, and hopefully your razor clam from the tube. 5) Best served battered and flash fried, or in chowder.

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