Greatest Outdoor Dynasties: The Hos

Can you say “good genetics”? These six clans own their fields generation after generation.

Coco Ho     Photo: peappop/Shutterstock

Chico Ho was one of the original Waikiki Boys. His sons, Michael and Derek were surfing standouts in the early ’80s on the North Shore of Oahu who won Pipeline and an ASP world championship respectively. Now, Michael’s son, Mason, is one of the best 20-somethings out there, and his little sister, Coco, is a standout on the women's world tour.

For Coco, being part of a long line of surfing royalty has its perks. “Having firsthand knowledge from their stories, lessons and experiences; having awareness of locations and breaks, and understanding the ups and downs that happen during competition, those are some of the benefits of being a surf family,” she says. Even supper conversation eventually turns to wave-riding. “Dinner talk, discussing things like new boards and trips, is always fun with my dad, brother and uncle, Coco says.

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