The Year’s Best New Adventure Camera? The Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

It's to be the best small, lightweight camera you can get for the money, ideal for shooting outdoor adventures when you don’t want to lug around pounds of heavy equipment.

It struck me why fat bikes were so immediately appealing. What traditional mountain bikes offered in nimbleness, fatties made up for in versatility.

— Nick Heil

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Once he has finished sewing a wingsuit, he uses a leaf blower to inflate it, observes its shape, and examines how well the wings maintain air pressure, which is critical to good glide.

— Matt Higgins



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Nine bright, floral-patterned reasons to buy cotton this season


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First Impressions: Tepui Kukenam Sky Rooftop Tent

Watch to see how this rooftop tent from Tepui won us over



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