Chasing the Dream: Seven Ways to Live the Ultimate #VanLife

For a certain breed of adventurous souls, the key to happiness is a road machine that forever stokes their desire to chase fun. Looking at these seven dream rigs, it's hard not to want to play along.

It struck me why fat bikes were so immediately appealing. What traditional mountain bikes offered in nimbleness, fatties made up for in versatility.

— Nick Heil

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Once he has finished sewing a wingsuit, he uses a leaf blower to inflate it, observes its shape, and examines how well the wings maintain air pressure, which is critical to good glide.

— Matt Higgins



All the Gear You Need to Make It Through the Workweek

For every Vail instructor whose office is a ski slope, there are nine of us schmucks who live, Monday through Friday, in front of a computer (this editor included). To make our desk jobs a little better, we came up with the ultimate office survival kit.


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2016 Gear of the Year: Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper FSR 6Fattie

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