The Most Influential Gear of All Time

We’ve scoured the gear archives and the history of sport across continents and eras to compile our first attempt at an authoritative list of the 100 most important outdoor inventions ever

    Photo: ARTuRcreate/Shutterstock

After months of research and countless meetings and back-and-forth emails between Outside's editors, writers, and gear testers, we've assembled our first-ever list of the most important gear ever created. These are the products and innovations that have made it possible for those who inspire us and those who read us to live a more active life.

We're sure this top 100, which is presented in chronological order and goes all the way back to 860 B.C., won't be without controversy. We're hoping you'll chime in with your own additions and changes—in the comments section, over email, with old-fashioned letters, through Twitter and Facebook, and all of the other ways in which you're used to contacting us. We'll be watching and collecting notes for when we revisit this list in the months and years to come.

Once on any of the above pages, scroll through the list using the navigation bars to read more about the history and development of each product and, in many cases, see original images we've obtained directly from the patent holders. Tell us about your favorites and which you couldn't possibly live without.

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